Courses Taught

Principles of Microeconomics (on-campus)

Department of Economics, University of Wyoming


Fall 2018

3 Credits

Class size: 123 students


  • Taught the course by topic. Topics included: health, oil, Yellowstone, and more

  • Implemented a "Career Series" with guest speakers for different careers and topics

  • Exclusively used course materials that were free for students (e.g., used an OpenStax textbook)

  • Used Poll Everywhere for interactive in-class questions and games

  • Created and assigned custom Microsoft Excel and R assignments

  • Wrote lecture notes in the Notability app on an iPad while projecting the iPad screen

Selected Student Feedback:

  • “This is a fairly large course, but Aaron has it dialed in. He has methods of keeping everyone in the class involved and engaged. His feedback is constructive, and he has a desire to make everyone understand what he is trying to teach. He believes in his ability and it shows. His ability has allowed me to understand Microeconomics. He can connect everything to real world, and that helps me out most. A lot of teachers cannot do that, and if they figured out how to do it, I would be a much better student. Great guy, great professor, and I wish he taught more classes because I wouldn't hesitate to enroll in them.”

  • “Aaron is one of my favorite professors. I have been here for four years and never have I had a professor that is so good at explaining course material and attentive to his class. I loved how he took notes on his iPad, it was so easy to follow along and all his examples were very well explained and helped me understand the material even better. I really liked the excel assignments because it took time and effort to understand how to do it. Which meant I had to really pay attention to what I was doing and it helped me remember the material better. I do wish we would of had more review sessions or more practice problems on study guides so I can continue to practice what I've learned. Overall Aaron was a great instructor and I would definitely take a class form him again.”

  • “The use of excel and introduction to the program R. I gained a lot of experience in excel and it’s actually helped me find a job after school”

  • “I really enjoyed the speakers and videos we watched in class, they are good visual tools. More of those. A little scary but impressive that you learned all of our names, continue to do that.”


Note: The graph shows the combined averages from both sets of evaluations.

Principles of Microeconomics (online)

Department of Economics, University of Wyoming

ECON 1020

Summer 2019

3 Credits

Class size: 41 students


  • Used custom online videos as the main course material - see the link below 

  • Supplemented the videos with assigned readings from free OER textbooks

  • Made it a learning objective for students to develop Microsoft Excel skills

  • Created "Excel Tips" videos to guide students through the Excel assignments and midterm

  • Made the course self-paced, meaning students could work as far ahead as desired

  • Offered office hours through Zoom

Selected Student Feedback:

  • “The online videos were very clear and helpful, it is the best online class I’ve taken so far.”

  • “The videos were very helpful and I believe that they were very well thought out and preformed. The lay out from quizzes to assignments to excels was very smooth and all had something to do with each other. I believe this was one of the better taught courses I have taken while here at UW, I think many students would benefit from this course taught by this instructor.”

Mini Microeconomics (online)

Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources, University of Wyoming

ENR 4890

J-Term 2018

1 Credit

Class size: 19 students


  • Designed the course from the ground up (it had never before been offered as a course)

  • Focused almost exclusively on environment and natural resource applications

  • Created online course videos using a graphics tablet, SketchBook Pro, and Camtasia - see the link below

  • Worked with a Pearson representative to design a condensed ebook with select chapters pulled from "Microeconomics" by Acemoglu, Laibson, and List

  • Made the course self-paced - there were only two deadlines in the entire course

  • Offered office hours through Zoom

Selected Student Feedback:

  • “This course was phenomenal. I have learned to hate online courses because the professor is usually largely unhelpful and the material unclear. Aaron's presentation of the material made his expectations crystal clear and his assignments were totally doable and very clear as well. I would definitely take a course from him again. He did an amazing job."

  • "The videos were very clear about what the topics were and how to go through the problems. I absolutely loved them. They made the online course process so much easier. This is by far the best online course that I have taken.”

  • “I really enjoyed this J-term course! Mr. Enriquez was very accessible for questions throughout the course and always provided in-depth answers that helped me understand the material much better. I thought the quizzes & assignments helped to emphasize the most important concepts of the course and really aided in the learning process.”

  • “I thought the assignments were challenging in the right way. They were not impossible or tricky, but they still required a level of thought and pulled directly from the material. The exam was well written and I had fun completing it. I felt that it really tied in the ENR into economics, and that was a cool experience to engage in.”

Mini Microeconomics (online)

Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources, University of Wyoming

ENR 4890

J-Term 2019

1 Credit

Class size: 6 students


  • Built on the previous version of the course by adding a "mini project"

  • Students presented their mini projects to me and their peers via Zoom sessions

Selected Student Feedback:

  • “The mini project was a good addition to the class. It was helpful for looking at ways the microeconomics topics in the lecture videos could be applied to environmental and natural resources. It increased my interest in the topic of microeconomics and its applications. The instructor was nice and helpful.”

  • “course assignments and exam actually required me to do real work and use the concepts learned in class rather than just being able to memorize something.”

Other Relevant Teaching Experience

Online Course Mentor, Principles of Microeconomics

Fall 2019, Department of Economics, University of Wyoming

Guest Lecturer, Math Economics

Fall 2017, Department of Economics, University of Wyoming

Undergraduate Advisor for Capstone Projects, History of Economic Thought

Spring 2017, Department of Economics, University of Wyoming

Guest Lecturer, Natural Resource Economics

Fall 2016, Department of Economics, University of Wyoming

Teaching Assistant, Medical Microbiology Lab

Spring 2014, Department of Molecular Biology, University of Wyoming