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Introducing the "Alaska Alphabet Anthology"

Updated: Mar 11

I'm still a cheechako, haven't even been in Alaska for a full year yet. But, it doesn't take long to realize how special this place is. To pay tribute, I had a fun idea.

I’m calling it the “Alaska Alphabet Anthology” (#AK_AA, pronounced "A-K-double-A" for short). Going down the alphabet one letter at a time, I’ll write two rhyming poems about something uniquely Alaskan that starts with that letter.

For every letter, vote for the poem you like better. You can either like your favorite poems directly from this website, or you can find and like them on Twitter. I'll be Tweeting out all these poems as I write them. Once I'm through the alphabet, I'll tally up the likes for every poem. Only one poem per letter can make the final draft of the Alaska Alphabet Anthology! So be sure to like your favorites.

You can find me on Twitter here:

Stay tuned, soon I'll post the first ever #AK_AA entries, starting with the letter "A"…

Photo: Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (AJ Enriquez, 2021-08-14)
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